Designasm Studio

People, place, process and change make a culture. Our designers are from all over India bring unique perspectives to the common goals of excellent design and serving our clients. While the design is our focus, our passions for art, food, music and active lifestyles are woven into the fabric of the studio. We are building an organization to provide an opportunity for growth and advancement and hope to set a high bar for creativity, collaboration, service and satisfaction.


The first reaction, amazement you have when you see something ‘WOW’ and we create that ‘WOW’ with a great tradition, combining collaboration with the designers, architects, engineers and constant investment in research and technological development in order to provide the designs with a quality that lasts in time.

designasm STUDIO is a Bengaluru based design company specializing in highly distinctive and iconic design. Founded in 2016, the Studio focuses on design thinking and human-centred design approach combining technological excellence with emotional design language.

The scope includes technology, innovation in terms of Architecture and Product Design with a minimalistic approach.

We are committed to creating functional designs. We love the finer details of all designs on the planet. We are driven by this deeply embedded desire to create better designs that solve problems for the client and the customer.